Schroefanker voor beton

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Artikelnr.: 91.3701.090.81
Model: Model: 3701
Schroefanker voor beton
  • Geschikt voor onze profielen zonder daling

  • Tangentiële slagschroevendraaier noodzakelijk

  • HUS3-H 10 x 90 mm

Materiaal: roestvrijstaal, staal
Oppervlak: 316, verzinkt
Bevestigingswijze: Beton

Once again, our innovation hotbed has created something new:
It is small but nice. It likes to hide itself. It stands in front of the wall with eyes wide open, wishing to sink into it. It sits comfortably in the hand. It even stands in the corner but does not feel ashamed. It runs up against a wall but is almost frighteningly sophisticated. As even walls want to gulp it greedily, it is so temptingly adaptable. A wall creature clinging to the ideal. It is very resilient and also a fastening miracle. It teems with quality yet is easily affordable.

2.2 MB | PDF | 2022-04-28