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Integrate LED in (wall) handrails and light it up.
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Our LED products are not only suitable for interior applications, but exterior ones as well! Their sleek design and energy efficiency make them ideal for any home or business. So whether you’re looking to add a touch of class to your indoor spaces or make a bold statement with your exterior lighting, our LED's are the perfect solution.

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Light it up

with grandiose modesty

Whether unobtrusive, soft or lightfast, LED's not only excel with grandiose modesty. They also consume less energy and develop less heat, thus contributing to a sustainable energy balance.

Inspired by the permanent further development of LED lighting, there are many new possibilities and applications with light installations in architecture. Whether unobtrusive, soft or lightfast, LED's excel not only by a grandiose modesty. They also consume less energy and develop less heat, thus contributing to a sustainable energy balance.

Easy to install

Environmentally friendly

The product is a more energy-efficient LED lighting. This not only saves the cost of operation, but also more environmentally friendly.

Low-maintenance LED lights

Looking for an illumination option that won't require constant upkeep? Check out our low-maintenance LED lights. So you can enjoy your space without worrying about changing lights or dealing with dim lighting.

Reliable and durable

Looking for a reliable and durable LED light? It's one of the most energy-efficient, using only a fraction of the power of traditional incandescent bulbs. So why wait? Make the switch to LED today!

The best possible light settings

Our products are designed to provide you with the best possible protection from harmful radiation, and they're also incredibly stylish. With our LED products, you can rest assured that you're getting the best possible light settings and stay happy and healthy

Perfect light environment

The LED light is adjustable with respect to the light cone, effects, colours and intensity. So you can create the perfect light environment for every situation.

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LED products

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LED products

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Frequently asked questions

about the LED products.

Do you supply to the public?

We are a trade only supply company and will recommend installation and distribution companies on request.

Are your systems tested?

All the products we supply are tested in accordance with the governing standard.

How can I reduce drilling efforts, time and quantity?

For many profiles we rely on anchor bolts. In this way, slight drilling mistakes can be tolerated. We also have suitable applications for the height adjustment in force-fit connections. Simply have a look at our mounting block.

Where can I find the installation instructions?

Probably everyone has lost mounting instructions. You can find our mounting instructions not only on our website but also printed into the FLEXFIT boxes.

Do you offer a site survey?

ONLEVEL do not install products, therefore we recommend a site survey is carried out by one of our approved installers or project partners (e-mail us for a list).