Profiles for interior fit-out and bathrooms


Here comes the styling kit for your bathroom.
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Glass Thickness

is adjustable

Integrated glass support rubbers for 8 - 10,76 mm glass

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Easy inserted

and hidden

Cover profile can simply be inserted and the glass support rubbers are almost invisible.

We're in the year 2020. These are the adventures of ONLEVEL travelling with its crew to realise new ideas – new products and new systems. Many light years away from the conservative mindset, ONLEVEL reaches galaxies which man has never seen before. There is no easier and faster installation – with this unrivalled safety.

Easy to install

Completely pre-assembled

The first completely pre-assembled partition wall system for glass. This greatly reduces the installation effort!

For all glass thicknesses

Integrated glass fixing for glass thicknesses from 8 - 10,76 mm. A pre-assembled rubber seal for all glass thicknesses!

No more troublesome

Integrated seals instead of applying silicone – no more troublesome insertion of rubber seals!

Fabulous looks

Fabulous looks – minimalistic, almost invisible glass support rubbers.

Whether it´s shower enclosures, mirror profiles or room partitions – ONLEVEL by You is customisable: Convey your individual style to your bathroom surfaces with the infinite possibilities ONLEVEL has to offer. Thanks to the new and optimised geometries, our Innovation Hotbed was able to adjust all glass thicknesses and tolerances accordingly. The profiles are available in all conceivable colours (RAL) and covered by a protective film. In addition, they offer flexible and varied connection possibilities.

  • Available in RAL
  • Covered by protective film
  • Flexible and varied connection possibilities

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COMPACT – U-Profiles

Compilation of dwgs and pdfs of our U-Profiles


Frequently asked questions

Are there any rules regarding building height and the load?

This depends on the respectively applicable building regulations of the individual countries and other regulations which may have to be observed (e.g. school building guidelines, workplace ordinance, …). If the fall height exceeds 12 metres, most building regulations require a balustrade height of 1.1 metres. We generally recommend a balustrade height of 1.1 metres.

Do you supply to the public?

We are a trade only supply company and will recommend installation and distribution companies on request.

Are your systems tested?

All the products we supply are tested in accordance with the governing standard.

How are the profile packaged?

We pay special attention to packaging. All visible surfaces are protected by a film. Additionally, the profile is packed in a sturdy box.