Empire State Post - No holes

Empire State Post - No holes
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Article no.: 12.0103.120.21
Model: 0103
Empire State Post - No holes
thickness (in): 1/2
length (in): 9' 10
Material: stainless steel
Surface: AISI 304, AISI 316
Empire State Post

Another innovative solution from OnLevel. The first completely pre-assembled post system for all-glass balustrade systems made of stainless steel! Quick and easy to mount for sure. 

ONLEVEL makes things easy. All posts are prepared for installation. That is, the threads for fixing the clamps are already pre-drilled. In case of the “Extended Version”, even the adjustable Kronos clamps are pre-assembled. You easily save up to 40 minutes of installation time when compared to all other standard products. Keep in mind the material thickness of 2 mm. It is absolutely essential to guarantee your safety.

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