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STARTRACK - Accessories

Outer Space – Endless Widths

We´re in the year 2020. These are the adventures of ONLEVEL travelling with its crew to realise new ideas – new products and new systems. Many light years away from the conservative mindset, ONLEVEL reaches galaxies which man has never seen before. There is no easier and faster installation – with this unrivalled safety.

Why is StarTrack not only unique but also the fastest and the most beautiful?

  • One: The first completely pre-assembled partition wall system for glass. This greatly reduces the installation effort!
  • Two: Integrated glass fixing for glass thicknesses from 
  • 8 - 12 mm. A pre-assembled rubber seal for all glass thicknesses!
  • Three: Integrated seals instead of applying silicone – no more troublesome insertion of rubber seals!
  • Four: Fabulous looks – minimalistic, almost invisible glass support rubbers.
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Startrack Mounting Screw Startrack Mounting Screw
length (in): 2-5/16
diameter (in): 3/16
fixing type: concrete, stone
€17.80 *
Startrack Spare Glass Rubbers Startrack Spare Glass Rubbers
length (in): 82'
Material: Rubber
€42.75 *