Private apartments Skagen - TL-3011 TL-6021 TL-2160

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In 2018, a new apartment house was erected in the town of Tavi, Skagen in Denmark. The building was designed by an architect and installed by Færch &Glaseksperten Fredrikshavn Co., Aalborg.

The total space of the building is 2499.5 m2, and it is made up of two stories.

Tavi, Skagen
Installation by
Færch &Glaseksperten Fredrikshavn Co., Aalborg
Living and office spaces
Used product
Points and Spigots

The main materials used in construction were Glass Profile TL-3011, Glass Profile TL-6021, Flexfit 1.0 KN, Handrail U Profile, in combination with our TL-2160 point fixings from ONLEVEL.

The Tavi Skagen residential project is a stunning example of what can be achieved with the right glass products and installation expertise. The use of the ONLEVEL products like the handrail system and the U-profile point fixing system has added an extra level of safety and security to the property.