Outside corner 90°

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Varenummer: 10.3121.350.10
Modell: TL-3121
Outside corner 90°
Höhe (mm): 300
Material: aluminium
Oberfläche: Mill finish, natural anodised, RAL glossy, RAL matt, RAL structured matt
Typ: Außenecke
Befestigungsart: Beton, Stahl
Montageart: Seitenmontage
Winkel (°): 90

The higher level.

If you plan to aim even higher, the TL-3121 is the right solution for you: Thanks to its diagonal connector as load support, the TL-3121 F-profile with its profile height of 300 mm for higher floor structures is especially suited for the lateral mounting of staircases. In addition, the TL-3121 profile can optimally conceal thicker screed or insulation layers, as well as stair steps completely.

TL-3121 can withstand a linear load of 0.74 kN and is suitable for glass thicknesses between 12 mm and 21.52 mm. 

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