Kronos Clamp square

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Article no.: 12.5510.420.31
Model: 5510
Kronos Clamp square

Kronos from ONLEVEL, the first adjustable clamp mount. During the development phase, in addition to the price, we always profitability in mind. Because creativity and innovation generally only work if you are enthusiastic are – at all levels: Stylish design, efficient products and easy installation.

  • Complete Clamp

    Pre-adjusted for 10,76mm glass

height (in): 1 3/4
length (in): 2-9/16
Material: stainless steel
Surface: AISI 316
thickness (in): 1-3/16
connector: flat, Ø 42.4 mm, Ø 48.3 mm
shape: square
glass thickness (in): 5/16 - 1/2
KRONOS - One clamp for all applications

KRONOS by ONLEVEL, the first adjustable clamp ever. While developing this clamp, apart from the price, we always also had efficiency in mind. Creativity and innovation can only work if they go hand in hand with enthusiasm – on all levels: aesthetic design, efficient products and simple installation.

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Kronos Balustrade Testing to BS6180
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