Banana Slide 50 Complete Set | Ceiling Mounting

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Article no.: 25.1050.200.11
Model: 1050
Banana Slide 50 Complete Set | Ceiling Mounting

Snap your finger and it's good.
If your door dimensions are below 2000 x 1000 mm, then Banana Slide 50 is just right for you. Finally more time thanks to Banana Slide: Whether for ceiling or wall mounting – Banana Slide works as easy as can be. Banana Slide not only saves installation time but opens and closes 50 kg sliding doors that easily that you can stay completely cool and only need to snap your finger to make the door move.

Essential Features

  • Glass sliding doors made of tempered glass, glass thicknesses of 8 mm and 10 mm
  • Wooden sliding doors starting from 35 mm
  • Aluminium stainless steel look anodised, EV1 anodised or RAL 9005 matt black
  • Compact structure
  • Optionally available with soft closing system
  • Wall, ceiling, and glass mounting
  • Single or double doors
  • Clip-on cover
  • Tempered glass type: 8, 10 mm

  • Door dimensions are determined by the max. door weight and a width-to-height ratio of 1:2.5.

height (in): 2 1/4
width (in): 2 7/16
length (in): 6' 6, 8' 2
glass thickness (in): 5/16 - 3/8
Surface: natural anodised, RAL 9005 matt, Stainless steel look
installation type: ceiling mounting
Number of doors: Double doors
Soft closing system: double-sided
Glass type: Glasart ESG: 8, 10 mm, Härdat glas: 8, 10 mm, Hærdet glasstype: 8, 10 mm, Soort glas enkel veiligheidsglas: 8, 10 mm, Tempered glass type: 8, 10 mm, Verre de sécurité trempé : 8, 10 mm
Max. door width per door: 50
Door width (in): 2' 3-9/16
Are you ready for Banana Slide?

Yeaaaahhh - banana slide. At last an end to Premium, Master, and FCK100. Sliding is finally becoming cool. It´s never been easier to mount and move a door. Banana Slide by ONLEVEL offers the suitable solution for almost any installation situation. Whether for ceiling or wall mounting, for 50 kg or 80 kg doors (150 kg available upon request) – Banana Slide: 

  • Very simple damper installation 
  • Clip-on cover, no further installation steps required from the rear
  • No glass processing required 
  • Sophisticated clamping technology 
  • Permanent connection between roller and carriage 
  • Simple and smooth door adjustment from the front 
  • Height adjustable release bolt as no wall is perfectly straight
  • Minimum wall distances, only a sheet of paper will fit in between
  • Minimum door width of 700 mm for soft closing system 
  • One-part rattle-free bottom guide for all glass thicknesses
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