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Listen Up! This Is About Accessories!

ONLEVEL is always striving to speed up your mounting procedure. Who finishes first, can have a break first – or works more efficiently. Our self-developed accessories are a great help for increasing mounting speed. The quality of the products we buy from our suppliers is very important to us. Therefore we only offer Fischer fixing anchors, among other things, products we ourselves have used, tested with our systems, and proven their effectiveness for the professional installer.

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Mortar Mortar
€20.35 *
Cartridge Cartridge
Material: Plastic
€21.90 *
Dispensing device - Gun Dispensing device - Gun
Material: Plastic
€51.25 *
Dispensing device - Mixer Dispensing device - Mixer
Material: Plastic
€0.80 *
Anchor hole brush Anchor hole brush
diameter (in): 1/2
€10.95 *
Mounting block Mounting block
Material: aluminium
Surface: natural anodised
height (in): 1
from €14.35 *