Woluwe Shopping Center Brüssel - Belgium - TL-3030

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In the beautiful Brussel, Belgium our strong TL-3030 is used in a shopping mall. Thanks to InPro bvba, they did a great assembly job.

Brüssel - Belgium
ALTIPLAN° architects
Installation by
Inpro bvba
Commercial and high frequented areas
Used product

The TL-3030 is a powerful and positive security solution that is perfect for any shopping mall. The product is reliable and has a great classic design.

The TL-3030 is a reliable, high-quality security system that we are proud to offer. It is an excellent choice for any business or public space that needs to be secure.

This product is perfect for high-traffic areas and provides superior durability and safety. Thanks to Inpro bvba, shoppers can rest assured that they’re protected from falls and other accidents.