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Convey your individual style to your bathroom surfaces.
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tight and easy

The ZUPPA shower door hinges are a zuppa solution for shower doors. Designed as hinges for one-side opening doors, they enable the sealing strips to be guided through the hinge. ZUPPA is zuppa sexy and zuppa classy, installation is as easy as can be with ZUPPA and the screws are concealed, of course.

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I'm so excited

Our EXCITE swinging door hinge is not only rather impressive but EXCITE combines aesthetics with functionality in an almost mysterious way. EXCITE has minimum gap sizes and skilfully conceals what might excite. The adjusting screw for the zero position is not visible either, yet can be reached and handled easily. The hinge axis can do without grooves as our innovative clamping technique enables a precise adjustment of the zero position down to the millimetre.

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We have given our high-quality XTREME shower door hinge a whole new look. XTREME has become more classy, not to say fancy. In addition, you can mount it quickly and easily – as always. The newly created, modern look ideally matches different fittings thanks to its round and square elements. So you can rest assured that we have designed XTREME in such a way that neither screws, nor end caps, nor the zero position adjustment are visible. And our Innovation Hotbed has also had the water drainage options in mind. Thanks to smallest gap sizes with carefully sculpted lines, water leakages have been reduced to a minimum.

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Lift up your life

Our LIFT shower door hinge has everything in sight. Thanks to its rise and fall mechanism of our proven chamfer, the hinge for wall mounting has just everything you need for your shower door. LIFT makes life in your bathroom especially easy for you: The rise and fall mechanism enables LIFT to close by itself and remain in open position at around 90°.

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Our “ONLEVEL Round” series combines form with function. The numerous varieties stabilise practically any shower type.

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Whether flashy or discrete – here you will find our sensational knob selection for your shower cubicle! You have the choice between different materials, colours, applications, and shapes.

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On your trip to the right sealing strip, you can always count on our research centre. Our Innovation Hotbed always has the right sealing strip for you – for any direction.

Whether it´s shower cubicles, mirror profiles or room partitions – ONLEVEL by You is customisable:
Convey your individual style to your bathroom surfaces with the infinite possibilities ONLEVEL has to offer. Thanks to the new and optimised geometries, our Innovation Hotbed was able to adjust all glass thicknesses and tolerances accordingly. The profiles are available in all conceivable colours (RAL) and covered by a protective film. In addition, they offer flexible and varied connection possibilities.

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Frequently asked questions

Where can I find the installation instructions?

Probably everyone has lost mounting instructions. You can find our mounting instructions not only on our website but also printed into the FLEXFIT boxes.

How are the profile packaged?

We pay special attention to packaging. All visible surfaces are protected by a film. Additionally, the profile is packed in a sturdy box.

Are your systems tested?

All the products we supply are tested in accordance with the governing standard.

How does ONLEVEL address the problem of drainage?

All profiles have drainage holes through which any water entering the profile can drain off. We recommend surface mounting onto a sealing/drainage layer. However, if you use chemical anchors, sealing problems belong to the past. In addition, very little water enters our profiles as the rubber seals are only subject to very small load differences. Thanks to the FLEXFIT technology, the pivot point is in an optimum position.