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As all ONLEVEL products, also SunView can be mounted so much easier and faster. The innovative “THE BEETLE” mounting tool makes installation as easy as can be; the wall profile can be aligned into the right position in a matter of seconds. The wall profile also ensures a neat finish on the sides. The brushes protect and surround the glass. In addition, the system is equipped with an anti-lift device which keeps the door from accidentally sliding out of the top guide.

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The locking system.

Of course, we have also thought of a child-proof lock so that you can enjoy Sunview completely undisturbed. The system can easily be locked from inside. Locking oneself out accidentally from outside is not possible. The locking mechanism only works once the system is closed. The wall profile also ensures a neat finish on the sides. The brushes protect and surround the glass.

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The Floor Rail.

The contour of rollers and the running track perfectly match each other. That´s why this fitting runs as if on clouds. The drivers are concealed and invisible to the user. Our installation tip: We recommend countersinking the floor profile into the ground and mounting the rear side facing the terrace without drainage hole. In this way, the water flows back into the garden and does not reach the terrace.

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Your Preferences.

When designing Sunview, our Crew has obviously also taken your preferences into account: You´ll be as spellbound as the base profile comes prepared with an adhesive tape and only needs to be bonded to the door. By the way, all fittings are made of high-quality aluminium which is especially durable and easy to maintain. The height adjustment lies concealed behind the end cap and only needs to be adjusted on the outside doors. In this way you can make sure that the glass door is perfectly matched to the wall profiles also under the most tedious conditions.

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The Handle.

No matter if 2 or 5 tracks. The handle length has been adjusted to each system. When opening one door, all others will follow along as well – but in this case via the door handle. A rubber protector is attached to the rear of the V4A stainless steel handle to safeguard the glass edge.

Our innovation crew has developed SUNVIEW with love and desire - a sliding glass door system with an incomparable charisma. As free-spirited and attractive as SUNVIEW shines in the sun, its dimensions and advantages are exceedingly appealing.

Of course, SUNVIEW is wind load tested according to DIN 18008 and is available in ready-made sets or by the meter (for your own fabrication).
Of course, different decors in all imaginable colors are available. In addition, the handles made of solid V4A stainless steel withstand the most adverse conditions.

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SunView – Information for Mounting

Information for Mounting


SunView – Mounting

Information for Mounting


COMPACT – Glas Sliding Door “SunView”

Compilation of dwgs and pdfs of SunView


Frequently asked questions

Where can I find the installation instructions?

Probably everyone has lost mounting instructions. You can find our mounting instructions not only on our website but also printed into the FLEXFIT boxes.

How are the profile packaged?

We pay special attention to packaging. All visible surfaces are protected by a film. Additionally, the profile is packed in a sturdy box.

Are your systems tested?

All the products we supply are tested in accordance with the governing standard.

How does ONLEVEL address the problem of drainage?

All profiles have drainage holes through which any water entering the profile can drain off. We recommend surface mounting onto a sealing/drainage layer. However, if you use chemical anchors, sealing problems belong to the past. In addition, very little water enters our profiles as the rubber seals are only subject to very small load differences. Thanks to the FLEXFIT technology, the pivot point is in an optimum position.