Onlevel get to grips with key products that make a big impact

Since its foundation in 2000, ONLEVEL has made great strides and has become the preferred supplier of innovative glass hardware solutions. Key to their success is the relatively simple ethos of adding value by providing products that save time or money for the installer.

Sticking true to their word ONLEVEL is proud to launch a selection of new products to their range that bring true benefits to installers and homeowners alike. The first new addition to the range brings even more value – protection of wildlife. Researchers have estimated that up to one billion birds are killed each year in North America alone due to collisions with glass on human built structures, making bird collisions one of the most significant causes of avian mortality globally.

With a similar population and city density across the UK and Europe a similar number of bird deaths is probable. For some, this downside often leads to questioning the use of glass on structures, however on many other environmental measurements Glass is the best building material available.

Based on the knowledge and with the understanding that birds can see light in the ultraviolet spectrum, bird-friendly glass innovation has been made possible and ONLEVEL Bird Protection Glass is now available to significantly help mitigate this source of wildlife destruction. ONLEVEL Bird Protection Glass has a patterned, UV reflective coating making it visible to birds while remaining virtually transparent to the human eye.

In addition to the Bird Protection Glass, ONLEVEL has introduced Skyforce Soundshield, a great addition to the Skyforce Juliet balcony system. Soundshield works seamlessly with Skyforce to provide a simple sound screen in front of your window for peace and quiet.

ONLEVEL has also introduced quick to install and easy to mount privacy screens for use as balcony partitioning, roof terraces or as a protective screen in your garden. It’s a slimline, sleek system that’s unintrusive on the eye. Its simple installation saves you unnecessary frustration and gives you valuable additional time. ONLEVEL privacy screens are provided pre-assembled, saving you thirty minutes installation time per set.

To ensure safe, precise installations that last ONLEVEL has launched their own high performance suction lifter range for safe and secure lifting of glass, along with EnduroShield protection system for glass and metal. EnduroShield helps make glass, stainless steel and aluminium surfaces look better for longer. Up to 5 years on glass and 3 years on metal surfaces ONLEVEL EnduroShield not only protects the surface against corrosion by repelling water and oil based and organic staining but makes the cleaning time faster.

Former CEO of ONLEVEL UK, Gary Dean, comments “As we expand, we are clear in our strategy to add synergistic product line to the core balustrade and railings offer, so specialist glass solutions, further railing solutions in aluminium and natural add in items such as Privacy Screens are a perfect direction along with tools and accessories used in the same environment. ONLEVEL is extremely focused on the glass industry and key developments within it, our product development is based on resolving problems and creating new and improved products, we don’t want 10,000 plus products spanning all sectors and being proficient in few, we take a very focused approach on the sectors we specialise in and plan to serve with a complete product and technical offer”

ONLEVEL is extremely focused on the glass industry and key developments within it, our product development is based on resolving problems and creating new and improved products.


In a relatively short period of four years ONLEVEL has introduced the very popular Skyforce for Juliet balconies, Kronos fantastic one-piece glass clamp, a real game changer in the glass clamp market and a range of unique balustrading solutions, including the TL40 and TL60 glass balustrade profiles with Flex-Fit, ONLEVEL’s innovative system for adjusting glass plates.

‘Dek-Tek’, ONLEVEL’s non-combustible aluminium decking system and Banana Slide, a simple, sleek, and easy to install internal glass sliding door system are two further additions of note, along with Lazortrack and Spartan LED Spigot, two innovative LED lighting solutions to suit a range of glass railing solutions.

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