Smooth AR kvadratisk side monteret ende stolpe

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Varenummer: 13.4652.050.11
Model: Smooth AR
Smooth AR kvadratisk side monteret ende stolpe
Højde (mm): 1100
Bredde (mm): 50
Diameter (mm): 50
Materiale: aluminium
Overflade: natur anodiseret, RAL blank, RAL mat, RAL mat strukturlak
Post type: Midt post
Smooth AR - top & side mount

ONLEVEL - Next level. 

Smooth AR railings are a range innovative railing systems designed to be fully modular. The pre-assembled aluminium posts have a stunning satin anodised finish and are available in square profiles ready to install. Fully engineered to meet the requirements of most applications, the systems can be installed with or without a top rail to provide an economical solution for a post and glass panel design. Each system can be fully fitted using basic equipment.

2.8 MB | PDF | 2020-07-03
Mounting Instruction Smooth AR
244.5 KB | PDF | 2020-06-23
1.9 MB | PDF | 2020-07-31
OnLevel Smooth AR - BS6180